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Timer (audio)

After successful presentation of the videoversion of the youth festival “Timer” lots of requests were received at the church adress. People asked to bring out this festival in audiosize. Now everyone, who want to watch this festival, has a great opportunity to listen to this album on our site. You will have lots of pleasure and enjoyment with listening to these songs. Enjoy them and download this album!

Название песни Битрейт Продолжительность Размер Скачать
Ja vduxaju povitrja 128 kbts 3.38 4.18 Mb
timer 128 kbts 4.08 4.74 Mb
v okeani 4asu 128 kbts 3.21 3.84 Mb
I opuskayu o4i 128 kbts 2.58 3.41 Mb
5 zapoved 128 kbts 2.50 3.26 Mb
segodja mu razom 128 kbts 3.50 4.39 Mb
deti sveta 128 kbts 4.51 5.57 Mb
vse ravno tebja najdu 128 kbts 3.58 4.56 Mb
s4astie 128 kbts 3.04 3.53 Mb
nashi me4ty 128 kbts 4.24 5.04 Mb
Bog taymer vklu4il 128 kbts 3.26 3.94 Mb
molodegka 128 kbts 1.34 1.81 Mb

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