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I thank You

In 2008, the Light of LifeChurch released another album of praise and worship, "I thank You". It includes both well-known Christian songs and great hymns. "I surrender» (W.S. Weeden), A Christmas Carol "Come to the baby" (John Francis Wade) and others. We hope all the songs on the album will be for you a great blessing.

Year: 2008 Songs: 15

Our worship

We suggest you to plunge into atmosphere of worshiping the Lord with us. We introduce the album “Our worship” to you. Its distinctive feature is that three blocks of songs went into our album (18 songs of famous authors and groups). This is the praise of three generations – children’s, youth’s and some songs of the church group of worship. Listen, download and worship Jesus together with us.

Year: 2005 Songs: 18

Timer (audio)

After successful presentation of the videoversion of the youth festival “Timer” lots of requests were received at the church adress. People asked to bring out this festival in audiosize. Now everyone, who want to watch this festival, has a great opportunity to listen to this album on our site. You will have lots of pleasure and enjoyment with listening to these songs. Enjoy them and download this album!

Year: 2005 Songs: 12