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The Faith Festival with Goran Duveskog

31.08.2016 The Faith Festival with Goran Duveskog

August 26-28 in The Light of Life Church in Poltava the unique program took place. It was the International Faith Festival with participation of the famous evangelist Göran Duveskog and the team of ministers from Sweden. God called Göran Duveskog to preach the Gospel and through his service thousands of people around the world are reconciled with God, were healed and found hope in the Lord.

All services of The Faith Festival were filled with a special presence of the Holy Spirit, there were lots of songs of praise and worship, the Word of God was preached, people responded to the call to repentance and were reconciled with Christ. After the prayer for healing many people witnessed that God has made a miracle and they got healing from some sickness in their life.

Also wonderful blessed couple Urban and Siv Sansgard took part those days and their service became a remarkable addition to The Faith Festival. Together with the Swedish worship team they performed beautiful Christian hymns. Great joy comes when they worship the Lord and the church in Poltava loves this time so much.

Many children visited each service of the festival. With a great joy they listened Bible stories and participated in exciting programs. And on the Sunday church service Göran Duveskog preached about the potential and prayed for young people.

The Faith Festival became a great blessing for all Poltava citizens and residents of Poltava region who visited the services with the participation of Göran Duveskog. Praise God for this great time!

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