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Easter Reconstruction in Poltava

30.04.2019 Easter Reconstruction in Poltava

On April 28, 2019, a large Easter reconstruction took place in Poltava. 12 Poltava Protestant churches were united together to remind people that the celebration Of Easter is related to Christ, who made people free from slavery and saved them from their sins.

The program began on the square near the OZEVUM, and then the participants, dressed in Biblical costumes, as well as other believers made their way to the Theater Square. There, the program continued with a dramatized illustration of Easter events of that time, a performance of the choir, talented performers and an appeal of the Poltava priests with an important message.

One of them was the bishop of the "Light of Life" church in the Poltava region Dmytro Anatolyevich Laptev. He called people for reconciling with God, for Jesus Christ reconciled the world with Himself and resolved the eternal conflict between God and man.

The whole program had a wonderful atmosphere of unity and love, and many Poltava and city guests were happy to join this festive and majestic event.

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

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