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We celebrate the 26th anniversary!

17.03.2015 We celebrate the 26th anniversary!

This Sunday The Light of Life Church in Poltava celebrated the 26th anniversary of its founding. It was a festive and solemn service, filled with the spirit of joy, celebration, jubilation and special thanks to the Lord for all the wonders that the church has gone through over the years of its existence. Everyone who came to the church this day, felt like a part of a big happy family of God, which has been working tirelessly for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Everything in the church was decorated and resembles the birthday celebration. At the entrance the welcome group met each person who came that day and gave as a gift a flavored gingerbread cookie with the number 26, specially prepared for this day.

At the very beginning of the service pastors of the church Dimitry and Natalia Laptev congratulated everyone on the holiday and showed an official document of 1989 on registration of the church. They prayed and thanked everyone who is a part of the church and is involved in its creation.

You can also read about the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the church in 2014

Everyone who was present that day with grateful hearts glorified the Lord. Also children sang and prayed sincerely on stage that day, youth praised the Lord and worship team of the church sang wonderful new songs for the Creator. Maxim Varfolomeev, Christian author and performer, gave to everyone his new song, and Viktor Trokhimets-Malyutin, Poltava famous artist and member of the Society of Artists of Ukraine, presented his picture to the church in its birthday. Alexander Latysh played a drum solo, and Vasiliy and Helen Shakh, pastors of The Grace and Truth Church (the daughter church from Tereshki village) came with their congratulations to The Light of Life Church.

All brothers and sisters congratulated and expressed their gratitude to the dear pastors Dimitry and Natalia Laptev for their huge contribution to the building up of the church, for their faithfulness and constancy with which all these years, they had been following the Lord, devoting themselves to the work of the ministry. Also special congratulations were addressed to pastor Natalia, who celebrates her birthday exactly on March 16, on the birthday of her native church.

On this day, pastors Dimitry and Natalia together with the whole church prayed for the blessing of the newborn baby David Tereshchenko and his dedication to the Lord. The entire congregation rejoiced at this remarkable event. Pastors proclaimed the prayer of blessing in the life of the child and his parents.

An important moment in the celebration was a solemn presentation of certificates to graduates of the Bible School, which first in Ukraine have been trained under the program PBO (Primary Biblical Education) of Vision International University.

Pastor Dimitry Laptev’s sermon "Church is a place of God's glory" sounded symbolically that day and it inspired brothers and sisters to devote themselves to the Lord in the body of Christ and seek His glory in one’s life.

Also there were gifts and greetings to those people who celebrate their birthday together with the church on March 16. As the church celebrated its 26th anniversary, the especial prizes were prepared to those who are now 26 years old and also for those who have repented when they were 26.

Glory to our Lord for this wonderful holiday, for all the miraculous and glorious deeds which He does in life of Poltava The Light of Life Church.    

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