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Premiere of Musical «Church is a Hope of the World» at the Easter Meeting

22.04.2014 Premiere of Musical «Church is a Hope of the World» at the Easter Meeting

On April, 20 the Easter meeting of The Light of Life Church in Poltava was especially festive. Brothers and sisters exclaimed all together in congregation «Christ is risen! Truly He is risen!» and with a single heart they praised the Lord with songs of worship. Also that day whole the church was inspired with sermon of Pastor Dimitry Laptev about the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a very event in which some people hardly can believe. And even these people agree with birth, life, death and other events of Christ’s life but they can’t believe in His miraculous resurrection.  Having used the Holy Scriptures Pastor Dimitry proved the fact that only God has absolute authority to give life and life and death are in His will. So the Gospel says us about this fact and this idea is an essence of God’s message which gives the hope not only during life and also after death to those who believe in Christ as in his or her Lord and Saviour.

There were some creative items that day too: a song with translation into gesture language for people with hearing problems and a musical composition on harmony. That day the especial event took place in the church. It was a premiere of musical «Church is a Hope of the World». Preparation of that project took about two years of the church. Wonderful scenario, choreographic performances, author’s songs, bright costumes and professional work of producer made everyone feel excitement. Powerful sound, bright light and amazing video on a big screen helped to create the especial atmosphere and to convey the reality of event which took place on the stage. All those things and of course the wonderful play of actors allowed everyone to become a part of those historical events from the Christian history and to understand some events of the Early Church.

Praise to the Lord for such the inspiring and full of His holy presence Easter meeting.

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