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The Birth of the new Chekh Family

15.02.2017 The Birth of the new Chekh Family

On February 5, at the Sunday service of the The Light of Life Church (Poltava) a solemn event took place - the wedding of Evgeniy Check and Anna Lapteva. A special festive ceremony that took place that day was held in a stunning atmosphere of joy, celebration and gathered a large number of people, both from Poltava and from other cities.

The bishop of the Association The Light of Life Churches Dimitry Laptev held the wedding of a new married couple. The church rejoiced and blessed the newly-weds who work in the ministry to build the local church. Festively decorated temple, a lot of Christian communication, memorable photos, congratulations, blessings, and also a festive buffet lunch have created a wonderful mood and left an unforgettable impression for a young couple and for everyone who came that day.

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