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Service Praise 24 was held in Poltava

04.04.2017 Service Praise 24 was held in Poltava

In the period from the 31st of March to the 1st of April it was a first time when there was held the day-and-night service «Praise 24» that was in Poltava church The Light of Life Church. The groups of worship out of different protestant churches took the part in the service. Also all the people wishing to be with us could come in order to praise the God unceasingly!

During this period of time a lot of songs in various styles were sung by different groups of worship. We were praying for the peace in the country, for the nation, for the needs of people, for the church, for the servants and the unity among the believers.

More than 700 people could come at the comfortable time of the day. They could enjoy the presence of God and the thing that the Holy Spirit was creating in their hearts.

A lot of people were very thankful, they were blessed with the time when the Christians out of all the city from different churches could be united in the one place, giving all the Glory to God for the whole day-and-night.

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