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A New Course of the Bible School has Started

12.09.2017 A New Course of the Bible School has Started

The purpose of the school is to obtain systematic knowledge of the initial theological level, which afterwards will help believers to continue their study at the Vision University on the Bachelor's program.

In The Light of Life Church this is the fifth course of the Bible school on this program. Students who are trained are very inspired by this project. It meets the requirements of the Vision International University and from the first lessons prepares the student for the educational process. Materials for teachers and workbooks for students have been developed, textbooks have been approved. This not only facilitates the learning process, but also systematically prepares students for writing essays on the bachelor's and master's program. PBO is a planned system of theological knowledge, which two times a month during 18 months, promotes the affirmation of students' faith and their spiritual growth. The program of PBO of the Vision International University operates not only in Poltava, but also in other regions of Ukraine.

The Institute's management team gladly invites all the churches that wish to participate in this training program, to cooperate.

Congratulations to all students of the Bible School on the beginning of the educational process!

Additional information on the training you can get on the website of the VIU or by writing a letter to the dean of the PBE Dimitry Laptev dlpoltava@gmail.com

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