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The Festival of the Family Values

06.06.2017 The Festival of the Family Values

An exciting concert with different musical and dancing performances, performances of creative teams consisted of children and adults, useful training work-shops for the parents, sport master-classes and rides – all these was waiting for the Poltava residents at the Festival of the Family Values on the 4th of June. It was organized by the protestant churches of the Poltava City. This event was dedicated to the International Day of the Children’s Protection and was created in the frames of the project of celebration the 500-hundred years of Reformation.

2017 was proclaimed as the year of Reformation by the Evangelistic Protestant Ukrainian Churches` Council. It initiated the realization of the events in the Ukraine, that are focused on the increase of the spirituality and enlightenment of the residents of the country. Taking into account that this event is especial for all of the Christian community, The President of the Ukraine supported this initiation and signed up the ordinance for the celebration of the 500-hundred years of Reformation in all of the regions of the country. During this year there were organized a lot of different educative, social, scientific and creative projects in Poltava and its region. The Festival of the Family Values is one of them. It is important, because the family will be always in the center of the spiritual life.

This day in the center of the city in the Cеntral Park were sounding the children’s voices and joyful laugh. A lot of people together with their families came at the Festival for having the rest. They had an opportunity to take the photos at the beautiful photo-zones, take part in the concert and various competitions, make the postcard by yourself and be learned how to draw, do the hair-dress and aqua-grim, treat sweats and receive the spiritual literature – and all these for free. All the children and parents were very glad to have a nice rest and to spend grate time at the real celebration.

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