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Family is in the focus

24.05.2019 Family is in the focus

A unique seminar "The family is in the focus" was held at the evening Wednesday service. It was conducted by one of the best specialists in Ukraine, a psychologist, trainer and consultant of the highest category, Igor Gennadyevich Alferov (Kiev).

Many people who came to the seminar plunged into the atmosphere of an apprenticeship on a burning and always important topic such as building family relationships. It was so bright, interesting, useful and practical. We received a lot of good feedback about this workshop. Here are some of them:

Thank You so much for this great seminar! A very important topic that gives answers to many aspects of life. I liked the presentation of information; it was so clear and exciting. All the material can be implemented in the real life. This workshop made us think more of our relationships and the development of relationships with God (Latysh Family).

Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop. He helped us start setting goals for each day and developing the right habits that will eventually set an example for the people around us, for our child. It is very cool that all information can be applied in all spheres of our life (Fil Family).

This workshop was held in a very honest, clear , accessible form . Igor helped to see and recognize ourselves in some situations, rethink about priorities and values of our lives (Tereshenko Family).

Thanks for the seminar. It was very simple and practical! We had a great blessing from your ministry, we will be happy to hear more!!! (Family Burkovsky).

We thank Igor Gennadievich Alferov for the visit and the fascinating seminar, as well as the senior pastors of the “Light of Life” church Dmitry and Natalia Lapteva for organizing the visit of such a blessed speaker.

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