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Baptism on the Eve of the Day of Pentecost

19.06.2016 Baptism on the Eve of the Day of Pentecost

On June, 18, 2016 on the eve of the day of Pentecost, in The Light of Life Church in Poltava there was holy baptism. Brothers and sisters made an important decision in his life and made a covenant with the Lord.

Bishop of Association of The Light of Life Churches in Poltava region Dimitry Laptev baptized people. He said that today, through baptism – immersion in water, which is the symbol of the old man's death, by the revival to a new life, it is important to breathe the Spirit of God, the Spirit of life.

Day of Baptism is a very important date in the life of every Christian. Therefore at Sunday service the church congratulated everyone who was baptized, prayed for them and handed the official certificate of the event.

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