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Remarkable Events on Pentecost Day

02.06.2015 Remarkable Events on Pentecost Day
The Light of Life Church celebrated Pentecost Day last Sunday of May. We read in Bible about disciples, who began to speak in tongues and took power of Holy Spirit to preach Gospel on the fiftieth day after Christ's ascension when the Holy Spirit came. In Romans the Apostle Paul wrote "...if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his". Exactly, using this words of the Bible, pastor colled his sermon. He spoke about ан internal rebirth, which is a sign of true conversion to God, about the difference between а spiritual and emotional people, and about an important work that makes the Holy Spirit.That day many adults and children came to а temple. The church temple was specially decorated and everything reminded about the day of Holy Trinity.
Also our church had some more significant events on May, 31. Exactly that day 17 years ago wonderful servants of God pastors Natalia and Dmitry Laptev have been ordained to pastoral ministry in our church. So, The Light of Life Church congratulated pastors on their 17th anniversary of ordination to that honorable service. And one more significant fact was that day. The Light of Life Church finished building of their temple exactly on May, 31 six years ago. Everyone looked through historical photographs with a great joy and praised our Lord for His glory and wanderful help in that important work!
May, 31 of 2015 became a historical date in The Light of Life Church. Pastors Dmitriy and Natalia Laptev ordained servants of the church Oleg Butenko, Vladimir Grek, Vladimir Tereshchenko, Sergei Tsyganenko and Vladimir Chizhevskiy. Pastors of the church gave them certificates of ordination, prayed for them, and gave their pastoral blessing for new holy order. We believe that our Lord will bless the church especially through the ministry of our brothers. Also bishop of Association of The Light of Life Churchies in Polava Region Dmitriy and pastor Natalia honored regional ministers and pastors of brench churches. They thanked them for their service, prayed and blessed for further work on God's field. Besides that Sergey Ohrimenko and his wife Ludmila were ordained to the ministry of an assistant pastors. Pastors Dmitriy and Natalia and other servants blessed them in prayer and gave certificate of ordination for that important service.
At the end of the service pastor Dmitry Laptev and Natalia prayed for the whole church and a power of the Holy Spirit in a life of each brother and sister and His work according to His will. And Childran Sunday School organised for children a rial holiday. It was engrossing quest with exciting adventures, gifts, games, music and lots of happy emotions and communication.

Thank God for His church which lives in truth, filled with the Spirit of Christ, serve people and preach gospel!

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